About Mooladhara

About Mooladhara

Have you ever felt the power of a higher consciousness?

It actually resides within. You are born with it. It is an energy that can be unlocked at will, and it can help you discover forms of happiness and explore possibilities that you thought were beyond you.

This consciousness exists within each one of us and also the planet as a whole. The union between us collectively, and the planet, will help each of us elevate our individual consciousness to a higher level.

We at Mooladhara Yoga, want to help you discover and elevate your self awareness, through the practice of various forms of yoga. We will help you identify your specific needs and then systematically work to bring your consciousness into focus. You will be able to grow and evolve within, and live in the practical world with others, in a peaceful and harmonious way.

Our focus is to help each individual at the root level (Mooladhara) and to lay a strong foundation for an amazing, spiritual journey that lies ahead.

We follow 3 simple yogic principles that will make the spiritual journey meaningful for all:

The practice of truthfulness towards oneself and others      •
Avoidance of verbal/physical violence towards oneself and others      •
The practice of cleanliness in one’s body, mind and surroundings      •

The Mooladhara journey includes:

  • Japa Yoga (Chanting)
  • Nāda Yoga (Sound Vibrations)
  • Āsanas (Postures)
  • Prāṇāyāma (Breathing Technique)
  • Dhyāna (Meditation)